The French Prepare for a Revolution

Marie Antoinette was the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Marie was only fifteen years old when she married sixteen year old Louis of France. Louis was heir to the French throne. Their marriage was arranged to strengthen a political alliance between Austria and France. Their story is the final chapter of the French monarchy before it was overthrown by the Revolution. When Louis became king of France, the country was in a poor state of financial affairs. Burdened with debts and heavy taxation, there was widespread misery among the French people. As a person, Louis XVI was dull and unsociable, while Marie was filled with life and vivacity. The French rather disliked Marie because she was a foreigner and seemed devoted to the interests of Austria. She made herself more unpopular by her extravagance and disregard for the poverty of many families in France. France had major financial problems before Marie arrived Marie shocked the French court with her disregard of its etiquette and infuriated the starving people of France when she innocently responded to their pleas for bread with the infamous remark: “Let them eat cake!” The government of France had major financial problems before Marie arrived. Instead of trying to help the situation, Marie spent huge sums on frivolous entertainment, clothes, and furnishings. She amused herself with fancy balls, horse races, and gambling. Her extravagance was not the cause of France being broke, however, she was blamed for spending money that helped the country go broke.


Not only did Marie Antoinette like cake, she loved extravagant food: Crab and Lobster Marie Antoinette with Pearls of Caviar are still served today at the Ritz Hotel in London. The pink, white and green colors of the lobster, crab and finely sliced cucumber bound by a delicate ribbon of carrot and embellished with caviar are a feast for the eyes. However, its popularity lies in its glorious fusion of flavors and textures, not to mention its sheer indulgence.





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