Salmon Kebab with caviar cream

By Chef Eric Teo Thiam Lye, Singapore
Serves 5
• 5 x 120 g salmon, each 120 g cut into 6 squares.
• 25 g Caesar salad
• 75 g bacon
• 50 g leek, julienne
• 5 endive leaf
• 5 stalk chives
• 25 stalks fresh terragon
• salt and pepper.

How to do it:
• Season salmon and pierce them through the stalks of terragon.
• Cover terragon with silver foil. Panfry the salmon skewer over moderate heat for 5 minutes.
• Sauté bacon and Caesar salad lightly with olive oil.
• Stuff endive leaf with sauteed salad ant the with chives. Grill the stuffed endive.
• Serve tje sao,pm lebab wotj cavoar sauce and stuffed endive.
• Garnish with deepfried leek.

Caviar sauce:
• 500 ml cream
• 200 ml white wine
• 1 tsp caviar.
Reduce fresh cream with white wine and add caviar just before removing from heat.


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