Pleasure flight – Budapest, Visegrád

How about a trip in the air? 45 minutes trip around Dunakanyar (the valley of the river Danube north of Budapest) for HUF 15,000 (ca EUR50 ) a person.


What we can see

We take off from Budaörs, an airfield close to Budapest. It is easy to get there even by public service (trip plan). First we check out Budapest from the west. You will see the bridges, the House of Parliament etc. Then we fly over the gentle slopes of Pilis hills to the Castle of Visegrád, the most popular tourist attraction of Dunakanyar.

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This is only one example, you can design your own trip to see your favorite places from above.



Even in the winter! The air is often very clear and dense (good visibility, good rate of climb). Conditions: the weather must be good, and the airfield should not be covered by snow or mud.

Odds and ends

Should you be deeper interested in aviation, you can participate in the trip planning, the pre-flight check, and in the least busy moments of the flight you can check out the controls of the airplane yourself. No previous training required.
The airplane is usually a Cessna 172 or a Piper 28. These are four seaters: 3 guests, 1 pilot. The price (EUR50/person for 45 minutes) is valid when the plane is full. The most simple is when you come three of you. If not, either you need to pay for the empty seat(s) or I can find people to fill up the airplane.

Don’t forget your camera!

If interested call me, or send an e-mail.

This is not an abandoned site. Call me! I speak good English, some German, and a very little French.
Klebercz Dezső
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